How much are tickets?

For standard film performances all tickets are £5.

Prices for special events may vary.

Can tickets be bought in advance?

Tickets can be booked online, over the phone, or in person.

Advance bookings are non-refundable or transferable except in exceptional circumstances and at the Cinema Manager's discretion.

There is a 50p booking fee per ticket for phone or internet bookings.

What time do I need to be there for the film?

The times we advertise are the times adverts start for that showing. The doors open approximately 15 minutes before the advertised show time. We advise arriving at or just before the advertised show time.

What time will the film start?

The duration of the adverts and trailers is usually around 15 minutes but can differ from week to week. We therefore recommend that you aim to arrive at or before the advertised showtime to ensure you do not miss any of the film.

Is the cinema available to hire?

All the auditoriums are available to hire for a wide variety of events, such as private parties with a screening of your choice of film, school bookings, shows and more.

Do you have disabled access?

We have wheelchair access to screen one. Unfortunately given the age and layout of the building it is not possible to provide access to the upstairs screens. It should also be noted that we do not have a disabled toilet.

Do carer’s accompanying a disabled customer receive a free ticket?

Yes, but we ask that you apply for and hold a valid Cinema Exhibitors Association card. We will not normally accept any other form of carer identification. You can apply for a CEA card by visiting ceacard.co.uk.

Do you show films in 3D?

No, all films are shown in the standard 2D format here.

Can I bring my baby?

Although we do not recommend bringing babies or children under 3 to the cinema, we do allow babes-in-arms to be brought in to afternoon screenings free of charge on the condition that if they start to cry or cause a disturbance of any kind they must be taken out of the auditorium immediately so as not to disturb other customers. We ask that babies and very young children are not brought to evening film performances. All children 2 or over must have a standard child ticket purchased for them.

Will you be showing "The new ----- film?"

We try to show as wide a variety of films as possible, however only having three screens means we cannot show absolutely everything that we would like to. We show a mixture of films on their release dates and a week or so after, so just because we haven't had something on release doesn't mean it definitely won't be showing at all. If there's a particular film you're interested in then don't hesitate to ring up and ask or fill out our contact form and we'll try to give you an idea of how likely we will be to show it.

Can I advertise my business at the cinema?

The on screen advertising is supplied by www.pearlanddean.com

The booklet advertising is supplied by www.cinemas-online.co.uk


Online booking closes 1 hour before the scheduled performance.

Screens are subject to change at late notice.

Cinema weeks run from Friday to Thursday, with the films and times for the next week being added on a Monday evening or a Tuesday.

Please check dates before making a booking.

When making a booking you are booking a ticket to see the film, not a specific seat.


Please note: The answers for many of these FAQs make up our general terms and entry condition for visiting the cinema. Please read these terms carefully as by purchasing a ticket from Stafford Cinema either at the box office or via our website you have accepted these terms. All other general Terms & Conditions are noted below:

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone at any point.

It is your responsibility to check your tickets and consider the suitability of the film you have chosen to watch, as we are under no obligation to rectify mistakes after a contract has been formed. Please note that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. The cancellation rights contained in the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 do not apply to the sale of cinema tickets.

The unauthorised use of photographic and recording equipment in our cinema is strictly prohibited.

We accept no responsibility for any personal property that is brought into the cinema.

We reserve the right to ask any guest who is lucky enough to look young for photographic identification to prove their age for 15 and 18 rated films.

The use of mobile phones in our auditoriums is strictly prohibited. If you are caught using your mobile phone in one of our auditoriums then you’ll be asked to leave. This is a piracy concern and also shows a complete lack of respect to your fellow cinema-goers.

Children must remain seated for the duration of the featured performance, with exception only to restroom or refreshment breaks. Please understand that the cinema is not a playground, and that anyone roaming the auditoriums during the feature severely ruins with other guests viewing experience.

Making noise, disrupting a performance or partaking in any other form of anti-social behaviour in the cinema will also result in you being asked to leave. In most cases you will also be asked not to return.

Smoking and/or the use of electronic cigarettes devices is strictly prohibited through-out all of the cinemas auditorium and foyer areas.

No dogs or any other animal is allowed in the cinema, the only exception to this rule is for Guide and Assistance Dogs.

Complaints Procedure

All complaints are dealt with by the management team in-house at the cinema, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your experience in any way please put your complaint into writing and we’ll do our best to resolve your grievances as soon as possible:

Email: enquiries@staffordcinema.co.uk

Address: Stafford Cinema, Newport Road, Stafford, ST16 4HH